Giving new life to Spart

Author cambell | 30.09.2007 | Category WeSay

As part of implementing our strategy for simplified sorting rules I needed to write a parser for the rules. Of course I started out looking at parser generators but wasn’t very excited by what I could find. Eventually I came across Spart (an implementation of Spirit in C#). I liked what slots online I saw but it isn’t maintained anymore and it was written before .Net 2.0 so I cleaned it up a bit, took advantage of .Net 2.0 features, and added it to our Palaso library.

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Configuration Tool Remodel

Author John Hatton | 21.09.2007 | Category WeSay

One of the benefits of being stuck at home recovering from Dengue Fever is I feel like it’s ok to splurge a bit on stuff that I want to do, rather than have to do.

For example, while we have always put a lot of effort into keeping WeSay clean and easy, its companion WeSay Configuration Tool has always been about being just-functional-enough-to-get-by.

So I spent two days remodeling it, trying to get it clean and easier to navigate. Here’s the before:

(click to see full size)


and after:


Yes, lacking any artistic ability myself, I’ve ripped off a bunch of open-source Tango icons, tweaked them with the indispensable InkScape, and otherwise copied the latest Skype’s options dialog. There are still quite a number of rough edges in there, but this was a good step.

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Pictures in dictionary entries

Author John Hatton | 19.09.2007 | Category WeSay

I’ve been working on simple support for pictures in WeSay:

When you choose a picture, it is copied to the “pictures” sub-folder of the WeSay folder. So everything stays together.

Some more things to do someday:

1) reduce the picture size, if we can determine that this is a good thing to do. This would make backing up a lot less expensive.

2) Show the pictures in the article preview (top of the window) and add it to the html output.

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