New Quick Fix for SOLID

Author cambell

One of the most painful parts of cleaning up a dictionary is this kind of situation:

\lx foo

\ps n

\ge blah

\bw German

\gr wanem

Here, the problem is the \bw(borrowed word) is an entry field, but it”s sitting in the middle of the sense fields.

SOLID 0.9.297 adds a minimal “quick fix” which can grab these kinds of fields and pull them up to the top of the entry.  You specify the marker, and the quick fix does it for all the entries.  As the quick fix dialog box says, this is dangerous, and I personally use it only because I also use Mecurial to take snapshots of my changes to files in between actions like this, in case something goes wrong.  But that”s a whole “nother post…

Other changes:

  • You can now click on the “count” table header to sort by marker frequency.
  • Uses the new Palaso system for defining writing systems.
  • Removed the mapping to FLEx, since nowadays, there”s no point.  If you want to use FLEx, either directly import the cleaned-up MDF (preferred), or export a LIFT file and import that into FLEx.