More Quick Fixing For SOLID

Author John Hatton

Yes, I'm WALLOWING in a swamp of Standard Format files this week.  Soon we're doing a Lexicography workshop here in PNG, and in preparation, several of the participants are wanting to switch their 20 year-old dictionaries to FieldWorks Language Explorer.  I've offered to get their old SFM dictionaries in, and, Boy am I glad we have SOLID. Since we find it hard to prioritize work on SOLID over our other projects, like WeSay, I decided I should stay sane through this awful job by hacking on SOLID a bit as I go.  I wrote about my first steps yesterday.  Today, with version 0.9.302, we have a few more nice things:

  • Improved QuickFix: MoveUp capability to handle multiple root targets, not just \lx
  • Do alphabetic sort on markers when rebuilding the list.
  • Add “remove empty” quickfix
  • Ask user about saving when they exit.
  • Show marker that is the focus of the filter in bold, to make them easier to find.

Here's a screenshot of the QuickFix dialog at the moment… I know it's ugly, but I'm aiming at making my life easier here…




This last one might make more sense if you only specified which markers to *not* delete.  What would they be?  \sn? \rf?  David Coward, do you read this blog?

You may notice, there's little rhyme or reason to the default options here… it would be a nice contribution if someone in the community would compile a good set for us.  Send 'um  in, and we'll add it to the program.

Reader's Comments

  1. languist |

    I just helped a colleague to do the same thing: move \bw etc up to the top of the record, outside of the senses/subentry sections. It worked like a charm! We also were delighted to apply the handy feature for making implicit \sn fields explicit. I’ve been wanting that feature for a while. I’m sure there are other bulk edit features that could be useful (move \rf to just above \xv ?), but these two cover a lot of ground.
    1. expand the second feature to make all implicit fields explicit.
    2. Add a fix for making all \sn fields empty except for the ones that should be published (i.e. ones that have sibling \sn fields). Renumber if necessary.

    (I’m also submitting these ideas to the developer separately.)