WeSay Action Addins

Author John Hatton | 17.05.2007 | Category WeSay

Starting with this next release, you or a friendly programmer can create an small .Net dll, add it to the WeSay program directory, and then immediately use it within WeSay and the WeSay Configuration Tool. These addins tell WeSay what icon to use, their name, and short description. Here’s a screenshot showing the two addins I wrote to try it out:


Oh, the pain?

Author John Hatton | 02.05.2007 | Category WeSay

…of having to listen to your own recorded voice for hours on end. That’s what I’m going through for you, folks, as I put together a series of instructional videos for this Preview version of WeSay. Here’s what I’ve put up thus far.

WeSay Configuration pt1

A quick look at making a new project.

WeSay Configuration pt 2

A walk-through of setting up a WeSay project using the WeSay Config tool.

WeSay Dictionary Tab

A detailed walk through the elements of the Dictionary Tab.

WeSay Wordlist Task

A walk-through of the task designed to elicit vernacular words based on a list of foreign words.

And still to come:

Semantic Domain Gathering Task

Missing Field Task

All about WeSay files

Overview of the WeSay project

What’s the idea? Who is the intended audience? How does WeSay fit in with more traditional linguistic applications?


From the heading off the inevitable technical questions department: I produced these using Camtasia Studio (of which I’m not a big fan) GoldWave to eliminate the hiss, outputting to Flash using JPEG encoding at 20% quality, 32k mp3 audio.